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Our Story - Bombay Cricket Club Restaurant

Superb Indian Cuisine

Our menu specializes in Indian cuisine and also includes a selection of Middle Eastern dishes. Karim and Sherri Ahmad, a husband and wife team, began Bombay Cricket Club in 1995. Karim has mastered the art of Indian cooking, and the menu boasts several of his signature entree and drink creations for you to experience.

Portland Indian cuisineYou can be sure to have a uniquely satisfying dining experience at the Bombay Cricket Club, when you try some of our famed dishes and drinks, found exclusively at our restaurant. The Lamb Shahi is one of our own creations. This dish is made from a bone-in leg of lamb, slowly roasted in the clay tandoori oven; this seals in the flavor and moisture so the meat becomes so tender, it falls right off the bone! The lamb meat is then tossed into a tomato-based masala sauce with seventeen different spices, as well as almonds and raisons. It is decadent and delicious!

Try our famous Mango Margarita at our Portland Indian restaurant!The signature cocktails are many, and the one cocktail Bombay Cricket Club is known for is the Mango Margarita. This drink is another one of Karim’s creations, and many people come to Bombay just for the specialty cocktails. The Mango Margarita has proven to be a worthy creation.

The local Portland area diners as well as out-of-towners know about Bombay Cricket Club, their decadent Indian food, and their luscious “Mango-ritas†and they keep coming back for more. Don’t take our word for it, read our reviews!

Family Owned and Operated Since 1995

Family owned and operated Portland Indian restaurant.Bombay Cricket Club is a small family-owned Indian restaurant and have been opened since 1995. Karim and Sherri live with their two daughters in the Portland area. They created the concept of Bombay Cricket Club together and have owned and managed the restaurant since its opening. Both Karim and Sherri are passionate about their restaurant and come from extensive backgrounds in professional restaurant experience. They have both worked for a variety of restaurants in the Portland area for several years prior to the opening of Bombay Cricket Club and have helped other restaurant owners meet their goals and dreams of running a successful operation in the business. Karim and Sherri finally decided it was time to work for themselves and make their own dreams come true. They have successfully raised Bombay Cricket Club into what it is today and have made a name for themselves in the community for the superb Indian cuisine served here and for the unique dining experience Bombay Cricket Club has to offer.